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Title: Benton and the Kitten
Author: [ profile] aerama
Genre: Doctor Who, Pertwee era
Characters: Benton, Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Rating: PG
Summary: A kitten escapes into the Brigadier's office.
Word Count: 1,187
Notes: One-shot. Pure unadulterated fluff. Gen, but with the merest, teeniest glimmer of pre-slash, easily overlooked if one so chooses.
"Scritch" doesn't seem to be a real word, but it should be. Giftfic for [ profile] livii.
Thanks to [ profile] kayakinccou for looking over!
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I never expected this!
The Spy Pumpkins, or Something Happened to Me Yesterday (starring Peter Pettigrew and talkative orange vegetables), was Niffled today!

*puts on explanation-hat* Niffling is a form of recognition - a Niffler (over at Fictionalley) "shares shiny things with the fandom," in this case fics that are "particularly well written, interesting, creative or otherwise worth reading."

Which - wow - totally flabbergasts me because I know that story was a strange one. I'd pretty much resigned it to an Acquired Taste genre.

This is as good a place as any to mention something else, too:
"A Fitting Reward" - my Madam Pince library story - is now hosted on the website Insane in the Basement, specifically in the HP Fiction archive!

Also I saw hosted "The Secret of Our Success," the fabulous [ profile] yaycoffee story about how Fred and George got that Marauder's Map in the first place. Go check it out!

I had actually never heard of that site, but I was contacted by the moderator for permission, who had gotten it off HP Recs, which I also didn't know about.

This is a great day for finding out about things. Just had to share!

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Oh my GOODNESS, that took me awhile. I can bet I'll still have revisions, but for now I just feel blessed relief.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, just go here:
A Fitting Reward.

Summary: Madam Pince is forced to interview library assistants.
For the June Challenge "All in a Day's Work" over at [ profile] omniocular.
Thanks again to [ profile] paulamcg!! Invaluable in my time of need.

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Title: Grand Romantic Adventure
Author: Aerama
Main Character: Pansy Parkinson
Categories: Humor/Gen (despite the title)
Rating: PG-13
Era: HBP
Warnings: I skirt around the issue tremendously, but there is an extremely bland implication of slash.
Word Count: 4,250
Summary: One day a parchment airplane bumped into Pansy's head - and survived. It read "I love you." Who wrote it? Was it meant for her?
Author's Notes: Crabbe's attempt at awareness is a nod to [ profile] dolorous_ett.
Colin Creevey is mentioned just because of [ profile] the_con_cept. This was Plot Bunny #515 from Remus's Nymph on FA. Also posted on and soon-to-be on FA.

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Note: Comment/email if you don't want your fic recced here - no problem at all!

Teabags by [ profile] hobbit_feets

and [ profile] pythonslash itself

Scrubs fanfic

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Title: Something Happened To Me Yesterday
Author: [ profile] aerama
Rating: PG
Length: 7,099
Characters: Peter Pettigrew, Pomona Sprout
Summary: Peter Pettigrew in an experience he certainly never dreamed of.
Author's Notes: Only the idea is mine. For the January challenge at [ profile] omniocular, and I certainly can't pretend I know if I met the challenge requirements, but there it is. It also was not meant to be this long either, but what can you do?
Title taken from the Rolling Stones song.

Special props to [ profile] dolorous_ett for "Kate" and "Hanging Baskets."

Click here to read the story.
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Note: Comment/email if you don't want your fic recced here - no problem at all!

Doctor Who fics by [ profile] livii

Including: they are the lanterns (and you are the light) by [ profile] livii.
"It does not matter," Leela said, throwing back her shoulders. "We are together now. We shall live each day as it comes." An attempt to knit a love story of sorts for these two star-cross'd lovers.

Everybody Wants You by [ profile] wishfulaces
Captain Jack, and shagging. Favorite line: "And it didn’t quite end when the Brigadier walked in on the scene and raised his eyebrows, either."

The Body.
The Brigadier makes a gruesome discovery...

It's All the Same Thing by [ profile] vandonovan
The Brigadier and Benton finally get a moment alone, but the Brigadier's stubbornness threatens to ruin it all. (Brigadier/Benton)
R - Slash - Graphic Sex, Romance

Dinner for Two by [ profile] uktechgirl.
Two/Jamie, though really no slash at all (overtly). A lovely story, told through the eyes of an observer.

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Title: The Affair of the Chocolate Orange
Author: [ profile] aerama
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Harry/Ginny
Setting:The Burrow, Christmas holiday, Ginny's seventh year. She's home for the holiday.
Author's Note: It is evident to me that I was influenced by this story. [ profile] yaycoffee had recommended it, I went back to her journal, I saw the chocolate orange icon - and a holiday ficlet was born. Giftfic for [ profile] yaycoffee

The Affair of the Chocolate Orange )

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On the whole, I rather like the few edits I did. For instance, I incorporated [ profile] dolorous_ett's comment about Trevor's nimbleness (thank you!). I did see one little thing that could bug me if I let it, but I'll let it pass for now. It's enough that it's uploaded already, unless my conception of time has been shrunk and it only _seems_ fast.

I am perhaps a little more elated - just for the moment - that I can post links to Houses instead of individual storylinks. It looks more Serious and Author-ly. Prolific, even.

Then again, I am really, REALLY glad it is Friday. The cold is still a-lingering, which irks me, and I am besought by a constant inner need for sleep. Just have to get through this day of having to sit upright and act like a worker bee...more or less...

Anyway: Links!

Find the disgruntled Willow and the unhinged Bellatrix in The Dark Arts.

All manner of cattitude is explored in Riddikulus.

*elation still prevalent*
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