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On the whole, I rather like the few edits I did. For instance, I incorporated [ profile] dolorous_ett's comment about Trevor's nimbleness (thank you!). I did see one little thing that could bug me if I let it, but I'll let it pass for now. It's enough that it's uploaded already, unless my conception of time has been shrunk and it only _seems_ fast.

I am perhaps a little more elated - just for the moment - that I can post links to Houses instead of individual storylinks. It looks more Serious and Author-ly. Prolific, even.

Then again, I am really, REALLY glad it is Friday. The cold is still a-lingering, which irks me, and I am besought by a constant inner need for sleep. Just have to get through this day of having to sit upright and act like a worker bee...more or less...

Anyway: Links!

Find the disgruntled Willow and the unhinged Bellatrix in The Dark Arts.

All manner of cattitude is explored in Riddikulus.

*elation still prevalent*
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I _have_ to rec this fic because it just blew me away.

The Last Spectator

I still can't be anywhere near coherent about it, so I will just copy the summary...

Category: Angst
Sub Category: Drama
Keywords: Snape Bellatrix post-war
Rating: G
Spoilers: GoF, OoTP, HBP
Summary: What is worse, to remember nothing or to remember everything? The war is over and Severus and Bellatrix are living their hell.

Amazingly introspective in a way that made me feel right there with them...and it was heart-breaking. And I don't even _like_ Bellatrix, believe it or not!
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When you see this, post a poem you like in your LiveJournal.

Carried off from [ profile] fishity's livejournal.

Angst-ridden choice )
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...and skeered as all get-out. )


Oct. 14th, 2005 10:35 am
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It apparently just was Beta Appreciation Day, and I had no clue, but since I do now, thanks to [ profile] yaycoffee, I will now thank my own dear beta, [ profile] norisis, for her outstanding support, enthusiasm, and above all, TIME given to what can only be a difficult wad o'words to wade through. How's that for alliteration, and all in honor of you, too!
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This is what's going on in our house tonight after Gilmore Girls - moonshine!

Follow the link to the recipe we are using! )
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I know I just posted a story, but this one I'd been working on since before HBP, and it's currently with my wonderful beta. I have decided, though, to post it here as well, because there's something about cyberspace that can jolt the creative process, and in any case it's far easier to edit it here than on FA. And to make it disappear. So, still a Work in Progress, but...I just tidied up some things and feel like posting it, unbetaed as this version is.

Setting: Post-HBP
Summary: Summer is fast fading away as the start of term approaches, and Hogwarts shows no signs of reopening. There are no school owls, no weary professors, no Hagrid in his hut - and no students descending on the castle. Everyone and everything is gone...except, of course, the Whomping Willow.
Disclaimer: JKR made all these crazy characters!

Legacy )


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